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Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is an neurodegenerative disorder in which the myelin sheath (the layer of fat insulating nerves) in the central nervous system breakdown. Multiple sclerosis is considered an "idiopathic" disease in medicine, meaning that researchers still do not know what causes it. however, much research has been done on the underlying biochemical abnormalities in multiple sclerosis, and advanced testing and a nutritional biochemical approach to treating them have helped people return to good health. Studies have shown a connection between low vitamin D status and MS, low essential fatty acids and MS, and inflammation.

Case: Multiple Sclerosis / Depression

A 25-year old male presented with MS and a ten year history of depression. He had been diagnosed with MS two months prior, and was just completing a round of corticosteroid therapy for the MS symptoms, which included unilateral (one-sided), temporary blindness and incoordination in both legs.